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Switching to Transmission for Mac because of annoying ads


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Foolishly I elected to upgrade my copy of uTorrent a few days ago, only to find out that it now displays an annoying splash ad at lower left.  I googled around in hope of being able to turn this off -- no luck.  Where's the "rollback" button?  :-)


Consulting the app web site I found that a licensed copy could be obtained, ad-free;  *but* this would not be a one-time license fee but a yearly rental.  At that point I shut down my long-running copy of uTorrent and installed/configured Transmission;  the UI is admittedly not as clever, but I can get used to it -- and it's ad-free and won't start asking me for more rent a year from now.


I would have willingly paid uTorrent a reasonable one-time license fee to be ad-free, but an endless rental agreement?  I don't like this trend.  Is anyone else feeling a bit annoyed by the combination -- adsplash harassment *and* open-ended rental rather than one-time license fee?  Or am I just being an old curmudgeon?

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