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Port Forwarded but still getting red light (not connectable).


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I'm on a computer with Windows XP, the second service pack installed. I've already used the patch and given myself more connections. My router is a Belkin F5D7231-4. I've tried Port Forwarding on it twice, and neither time has my light turned green. Everything I'm doing SHOULD be working, but it's not. Any advice or help? Thanks in advance.

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The IP I had gotten previously when automatic. Is there something specific I need to change it to?


I sometimes get the yellow light when starting after a change in ports (currently on port 10400), but it switches to red immediately after. If I could remove it, that would be a major help.

My computer has McAfee Virus Scan installed, the usual Windows Firewall, and uses a Dell TrueMobile 1300 WLAN PC card in addition to the abovementioned router. I do not have UPnP turned on on the router or uTorrent.

One last note. My Internet Service Provider is Adelphia. Could it be possible that they're the reason I can't get the green, connectable light?

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I thought maybe someone could help me here since I have a similar problem.

I'm using uTorrent 1.5 with uPnP unchecked and port 52000 set within uTorrent.

I have DSL through Sprint and my setup is as follows:

phone line> Zyxel 645ME DSL modem> DLink DI-604 Router > 2 computers.

I have port 52000 forwarded correctly on the router. uTorrent works fine most of the time but I always have a red light down at the bottom so I know that there are people not able to connect. I have tried making my DSL modem a bridge and that didn't work...in fact it dropped the internet completely. I then tried to forward the port to the computer I wanted it forwarded to in my DSL modem configuration page and it still shows a red light.

I don't have any firewalls (software) and Windows firewall is disabled. I'm getting the idea from a couple people I've spoken with that the DSL modem is acting as a firewall. Like I said, I tried making it a bridge which should take care of that problem but I lose my internet connection when I do that.

Any help would be appreciated.



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hi! i have similar problem as above. please help

i have tried ALL methods in homepage and in this forum but i STILL CAN'T gt the cute green light. done port forward already and it still does not work. my settings is windows xp with firewall(but i enabled it and list utorrent in the exception dialog and it still does not work.) i'm using Aztech DSL600E. my internet connection is a broadband. please help me>>>>>>>>>>> onegai shimasu!!!!!!!!!!!!. my router is ADSL2+ethernet modem. i tried everything but the firwall in it still enable. please help me.

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