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Cant download anything, hidden label


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When i try to download a new torrent the torrent goes under the hidden label and i can only see it if i close and reopen the program.
Then i send the torrent to a label that i made called "not hidden".. Again to see the change i have to close and reopen the program.
But still the download cant start.. It gives me an error message at the progress bar reading "Cant open .torrent file:"
And so i cant download anything.......


I tried force Re-check..

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No settings..
(I do change the location of the files i downloaded after the download)

But i do have some settings changed..
Under Queuing i have changed the number of the maximum active torrents to 3 and the maximum download torrents to 1

But again i see no reason why it shows me the message at the status bar and it doesnt let me download it at all.

And i want to know why are my downloads going to the hidden label..

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