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tooltip constantly refreshing when mouseover on truncated field in 'Files' tab


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When a torrent is selected, in the list of files/attributes under the 'Files' tab, the strings in the fields are truncated when the column for that string is too short (i.e. the filename "gbashgdufisahjkas.doc" will get shortened to "gbashgdu..." when the "Path" column is to short to display the full name).

When the mouse is hovered over a truncated field, a tooltip/mouseover text appears that displays the full string in that field. However, the tooltip constantly refreshes, i.e. appears and then disappears, then reappears constantly. this happens regardless of the torrent being active. The 'flashing' rate does not seem to be completely static, it is usually around 1 second, but sometimes faster.


µTorrent 3.4.2 Beta build 35588, 32 bit

Win8.1 64 bit

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