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Speed Decreasing to 1-5kb


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Hello All


I am using utorrent on mac version 1.8.6.


When I open up the software the download speeds reach to its maximum over 1mb but decreases down to 1-5kb within 30 seconds. If i close the software and re open the same happens again with speeds of 1mb + then slows decreasing to a few kb.


I am using V irgin Media isp and the superhub 2.


Any ideas anyone ?



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Same issue.Fixed by going to preferences/bandwidth.There i put a limit of 50 connections globally, 15 per client and 1200 kbps download limit.My provider upgraded my plan free of charge and that's when this issue came up.I was about to post them in the category bad providers but i solved it.Just limit your number of connections to ... under 50 ... see if that works.And then if it doesen't limit your bandwidth to somthin below your actual contracted bandwidth.Like if you have 100 mbps ... 1200 kbps means 96Mbps, just below 100 ... that worked for me

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