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Torrents will not complete on any machine


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I have a read a few posts here about torrents stopping at 99.9% and continue downloading but this is a little different than all the post I have read.


I download a file that was 22gb a few days ago and after waking up I checked and it was on 99.9% and still downloading. The day before I downloaded aboit 20 torrents all perfect. This is the first time this has ever happened to me.


So I force checked and it went back to 99.8% and it finished at 100% and I tried to install but I was getting errors when decompressing files as it was not complete. I rechecked the files and it went back to 99.8. So I decided to re download the torrent and the same thing happened.


I then decided to download the file but a different torrent which was a more compressed version of 13.2gb. The same issue happened again 99.9% then back to 99.8 99.7 etc. 


I went and forwarded utorrents port on my router which has dmz turned off btw. Same issue after downloading again, so I have a laptop with no hdd or os, I put a drive in and installed windows on there and downloaded the torrent but the same issue happened AGAIN! lol wut 0.o


I then reset my router to factory forwarded the port and tried again..same problem. I set up a vpn just in case it was my ISP which I have never had a problem with and it happened again! 


Now I cannot finish any torrents on any machine..they all get stuck on 99% or 98% and continue to download. 


If anyone could help me here I will send you the best Christmas card ever I swear lol I have tried everything online that I can find. This came out of nowhere. 


The below image is for the second torrent, the 13.2gb one.




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