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Intermittent freezing, trouble with connectivity.


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Hi everyone. First post here. My apologies in advance if the color seems obnoxious; in the past it's proven useful in marshaling large amounts of information.  


I've been having some frustration with a new version of uTorrent that I'm hoping I can get some relief for. I've had some trouble with malware in the past week and have had to clean a bunch of junk off my pc as well as reconfigure my antivirus/malware suites in order to get everything back in tip top shape. But in the past few days my torrents haven't seemed to be seeding much, if at all. I've never really thought my connectivity was that great to begin with, truth be told. Moreover, the old version of uTorrent (I don't know which version) was completely killing my internet connection a few seconds after starting. 


Initially, per a thread on this forum, I deleted my settings files on the old version of uTorrent (I don't know which version) and tried to follow a setup tutorial on another site and quickly decided that a fresh install might be the best route to go. So after contacting my ISP to reset my modem and running some scans for malware/viruses, I installed 3.4.2 (build 36802) [32-bit], which is the version I'm presently having trouble with. 


Issues as of now: 


- uTorrent 3.4.2 (build 36802) [32-bit] (intermittently) freezing up when started, staying unresponsive until it must be force closed. 


- Torrents downloading but not seeding.




Dell Studio 1558 Laptop

Intel Core i3 cpu m330 @ 2.13ghz

4g ram

Windows 7 Home Premium, Service Pack 1, 64-bit


Current uTorrent version: 3.4.2 (build 36802) [32-bit]


ISP: Time Warner Cable

Modem: Ubee U10C022

Wired connection


Current security suites: 


Microsoft Security Essentials (running with "live protection" always enabled)

Windows Defender

Malwarebytes PRO (running with "live protection" always enabled)

HerdProtect (scanner - released 9/30/14)

(I also use ADWCleaner 4.104, JRT, CCleaner and well as a few other programs as-needed for emergencies like this past week. I also scan and defrag regularly with Auslogics Boostpeed to mitigate any conflicts.)


**I have set exceptions for my private tracker site as well as configured each of my "live" security suites in order to not interfere with each other as well as uTorrent. At least, as far as I know.**


***The steps listed below are in chronological order, to the best of my recollection.***


Steps taken so far:


1. Contacted ISP and had them reset my modem to factory settings. 


2. Ran antivirus/malware scans with ADWCleaner 4.104, Herdprotect and MBAM Pro. ADW came up clean. Herdprotect found and cleaned in my appdata folder uttea7.tmp.exe as well as uttf6d3.tmp.exe (both of which turned out to not be viruses or malware according to Google). A "Threat Scan" from MBAM came up clean.  


3. Copied .torrent files from appdata folder into a folder on my desktop, to all be copied back over once everything in the new version is working properly.


4. Uninstalled old version of uTorrent (I don't know which version) and installed 3.4.2 (build 36802) [32-bit].


5. Successfully set up a static IP and forwarded a port per the tutorials on portforward.com. This was verified both in Port Forward Network Utilities (trial version) as well as uTorrent, but only after disengaging an old version of Peerblock (I don't know which version).


6. Successfully downloaded a new torrent. 


7. Uninstalled old version of Peerblock (I don't know which version) and updated to version 1.2 with a few of the standard lists. Once I engaged Peerblock 1.2 I noticed that my torrent went inactive. After some reading, I determined that Peerblock 1.2 wasn't going to provide the privacy I need, and since it was already interfering with the new version of uTorrent I uninstalled that as well.


But alas, my torrent continues to be showing as "Inactive" in uTorrent providing the software will even start. 


I'm sure I could do more and that this is just a matter of settings, but I'm not sure where to go next. Any advice would be appreciated. 



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