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Lost "add new torrent" window


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As the title says i can not add new torrent because the popup window not appearing on any monitor anymore. I would like to know which settings file i have to erase or sy to fix that. I don't wanna loose any other settings. I don't wanna add and infohashcheck every active torrent i have all over again.

Thanks in advance!

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This is not answering your question how to solve it without rechecking all torrents, but here's my story.

I just had the exact same problem, except it worked for me on friday afternoon, friday evening a monitor broke so I set windows back to 1 monitor until I get it fixed. Over the weekend I didn't download any torrents, and just now I noticed the add torrent dialog doesn't work anymore.

What I tried to solve this:

- Closing and restarting the uTorrent client. (checked if it was actually gone from the processes list. It was not running anymore)
- Rebooting my computer.
- I checked for a new version in the Help menu of the client. It said it was the latest version, but that was a lie. I downloaded the installer from the website, and that WAS actually newer, now I'm running 3.4.2 36802.
- I checked if the windows firewall exclusions were still set up right (they were).

None of these solved my problem.

In the end I uninstalled the client and reinstalled it again with the file I had just downloaded. Now it works again.
Upon uninstalling it asks whether you want to remove settings as well (wording might be different). I chose to do it and just start fresh. I'm not sure you actually HAVE to do that, but if a normal uninstall doesn't help you, this might be the key to solving it. It might just be a corrupt config file?

What reinstalling didn't fix for me however is below:


I'm also having a different issue which might be offtopic, but it has been bugging me for a while now. I thought I'd ask while I'm here anyways.

When I already have the uTorrent window open and I add a new torrent by clicking a magnet link or opening a torrent file I downloaded, the window snaps out of the maximized position. The 3 buttons (min/max/close) on the top right go almost off my screen.

I'd like the main window to just stay the way it is (maximized) when I open new torrents. I'm not sure if this is a uTorrent or a windows issue. Does anyone happen to know anything about this?

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The issue is that it's on the disabled monitor.

This has been brought up many times.


It's easy to fix, no need to remove any settings, just do this: http://www.techsupportalert.com/content/how-use-keyboard-move-or-resize-window-too-big-screen.htm [ How to Use the Keyboard to Move or Resize a Window that is Too Big for the Screen ]

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Just to add to the tips above: after opening a new torrent, DON'T click anywhere... then first thing you do is the space+alt and then M, then move your mouse a little to make the add dialog snap to your cursor. If you click anywhere else you deselect the add dialog and it will move a different window. Clicking the µTorrent program on your taskbar selects the main window only, so that won't get you back to the right selection.

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