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Migrating from Windows to Debian Linux


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I have recently set up a home server which I will be using as a seedbox.

Currently on my Windows box my torrent data is stored in Q:/MP3 and Q:/FLAC.

I can easily transfer all of my torrent data to /home/user/Music and also all of the .torrent files to the Linux box. However, once I load the torrent files into uTorrent for Linux, is there an easier way to point uTorrent to the torrent data without manually doing it to each torrent file? I have over 1,000 torrents so this would be extremely tedious.

I am open to using other software if it would be easier (Deluge, qBittorrent, Transmission etc).


Also, where are the settings saved in uTorrent about which files in a torrent to skip or not? I would need these settings transferred over as I have a lot of incomplete torrents e.g. whole albums that I only downloaded a few songs from.



Any help much appreciated to make my transfer smooth.



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