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uTorrent crashes when trying to compare downloaded files

Yuri Cyrax

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Dear Developers!


First of all thank you for your wonderful software! I got the latest utorrent 3.4.2 (36882) 32-bit build. My specs are: intel i3-4130, 4 gb of ram, Geforce 750 ti.

Everything with utorrent works fine except for one feature - update torrents. I right-click on the downloaded torrent from the list, then advanced - Update torrent, then I choose another torrent to which I want to update the existing one. But when it starts comparing files (20 GB), it will always crash on 10-15% saying that Windows ran out of memory, cannot allocate 8887627 bytes (random number)! What the heck? 4Gb of Ram is insufficient for this feature? So what amount of memory should I have? Why it is not mentioned in system requirements? I tried to increase windows swap file but it won't help a bit.

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