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ng-torrent-ui : An alternative WebUI - multilanguage - with the classical UI also embedded


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Can you confirm how many torrents that you are able to load with your Alternative webui?


I'm having massive issues with the webui, which I believe is down to how many torrents I have in uTorrent, it's currently 700.


I've tried your alternative webui and I'm having the same issue of it crashing uTorrent everytime the webui is accessed.


It's driving me crazy! :)

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  • Added 'availability' in grid (in seeds/peers column) and details dialog
  • Added 'added on' in grid and details dialog (uTorrent 3+)
  • Added 'completed on' in details dialog (uTorrent 3+)
  • Added 'save as' (download location) in details dialog (uTorrent 3+)
  • Better grid auto-height handling
  • Fixed minor typos
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Hi psychowood.  Currently trying your latest release since the normal WebUI was throwing an error starting a few days ago.  Previously it worked great.  Trying your release as a possible alternative since Ultima doesn't seem to be online any more.


The gui is loading but it is showing 0 torrents.  If I load the classic gui that you include it throws the same json error I've seen this week only.

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My interface is still missing a complete error handling, sorry :)


The desktop interface works well?

The only thing that come to my mind is that maybe some strange torrent broke the API... did you load/upload something strange lately?


If you want to paste here the JSON error, I can give a look.

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I'm thinking the same thing that an odd torrent did something OR my settings became corrupt.

Yes my desktop client still works.

I'll need to scrub the output as it has my private tracker info and post tomorrow.

I tried parsing the output looking for an extra \n or \r or non ASCII characters but didn't see anything.

Thanks in advance.


Edit:  sent in PM.

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You have PM.


The problem is a specific strange character in a torrent name, I probably can fix that but should be handled better by uTorrent itself, I'd say  :)

Thank you sir!  I tried deleting and re-doing the settings.dat, etc but realized it wasn't the cause.


I'm using uTorrent 2.2.1 because a private tracker demands it so perhaps it was corrected in a later release.


Can you PM me the torrent name that is causing it and I'll test removing it?




Edit: saw the PM.  Will look at that one.

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  • 2 months later...

v0.4.0 released!

  • Added "Preferences" tab to view and edit uTorrent settings
  • Added support for homescreen pinning (browser menu -> add to HomeScreen on mobile) with dedicated icon and fullscreen view
  • Added 'No label' filter
  • Added 'Status: error' filter
  • Fix for uTorrent bad character handling (caused crash of both ng-torrent-un and official WebUI)
  • Prevent text highlighting when selecting on grid
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