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Please help!
I created a torrent files a few yrs ago with all my old files from my old laptop. I think I didn't leave it to seed or something and just deleted the files after I finished creating the torrent or I left it to seed for awhile before I deleted the files. Now that I got a new laptop, I need to transfer all of those important files to my new laptop but when I go to the torrent, it just keeps saying 'Finding Peers 0.0%'
When I checked the seed, I didn't see any seed and the trackers all said 'Not Allowed' and all of the other infos aren't available or just blank.

The other torrents I created have no seeds or peers, but the trackers are 'working' except for one tracker where it says 'no such host is known'
Is there any other way I can get my files again?
Please help me!
Please reply back to my message ASAP.
I really need those important files back again.

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