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Tracker information scrape vs have to seed


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Just looking for information about the log report connection closed seed. If the tracker knows what I have from the announce then the community should get that information every 30min from their scrape or site announce so why so many connection closed for seed? they should already know I have a seed so why the handshake to ask?   BT send seed only seams  to happens when it completes download but it still sends it some where.



What's the deal with ask tracker for scrape?

What is it telling UTorrent to do?

What is the announce telling uTorrent ?

What is bt.send.have to seed telling the swarm?.


This site is a Private tracker small swarms if any files are small 5 MB.

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I don't think it maters but 1.8.3 in 2 sessions and  1.82. I also run deluge 1.3.5 which I monitor and log with uTorrent. Yes it's old but site requirement can't upgrade. I don't think the micro protocol has change that much. Now lets be straight it works fine 750 down 120 up 1 or 2 torrent. it just seams like a lot of TCP connections just to confirm me as a seed.   uTorrent  told them that I was a seed when my send seed info and the tracker should have also,witch deluge does more often I think it's more tracker tcp issue but someone here could shed some light that's all.

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