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connecting to peer fix


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Ok,here is the deal i decided to make an account here just so i can say that i have a problem with Utorrent,connecting to peers one day just stoped,i tried i mean everything. i read this forums i been on youtube to check all things i can do,so when i get fed up with all of it i reinstall windows on the end,i tried to delete 2 files resume.dat and whatever,i tried to do those set up in brandwith and connection older version latest version,i dont have antivirus,no firewall... as i say i tried everyrhing i think. here from administrators every answer is a question so i dont think they even know the problem,things they should do is correct the problem inside the program so when i install it i dont have to worry about this. isnt it all about code after all ? just do something already plz,or someone give me a solution,becouse if admin ask me again something im gonna kill myself!!!!!

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