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forced to recheck when i move completed individual files out of the folder


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hello and thanks for reading this, i did try to search the forums before i asked this question.

first of all, i like utorrent very much and i am happy to use it.


i have a torrent with about 300 indivuduals files.

as each file finishes downloading i want to move the file from the torrent folder to another location.

i am only moving 100% completed files.

the next time i start utorrent, it will always demand a recheck, which seems to take a very long time.


as for the files already downloaded; i tell utorrent to skip those files.

yet, i am still forced into a 30+ minutes recheck each and every time i start utorrent.

all becuase utorrent will not really 'skip' the files i asked it to.


does anybody have any advice on how to move files indivisual completed files out of the utorrent folder and force a recheck every time.

thanks much,



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SaNdMaN82, thanks for the reply.
i already had that setting checked but it does not work for me.
i tried two different ways, checking and unchecking the checkbox for "only move from the default download directory"

i restarted utorrent each time to be sure the changes were active.

but no matter what i do the files do not much into the completed downloads folder.

what am i doing wrong?







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Not sure what could be wrong, but I do not have any issues with that...

I do not have the only option checked, but I think that does not interfere if you start downloading in the same folder...

I cannot see your screenshot, but check that you have the latest version installed...

Also, is everything you try does not do the trick, do a clean uninstall (settings and directories) and install... Just to be safe...

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