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HEEELP - Is this better then sex ??


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G'day guys & girls

First things first - I've been using UTorrent for about 8 years with great enjoyment and success and i've just joined the forum to hopefully find the same results.  Secondly - I'm sorry about the "title", i just thought it would grab your attention lol.

I'm just a old man that freely admits "I'm a PC dumbass" and i'm feeling very dazed and confused,  I'm having a issue with my PC and i fear that if it's not resolved soon the health and safety of my very much loved PC and the expensive front window of my house could come into question.


I've spent many many hours over the last couple of days trying to fix it without success,  Utorrent just won't start ? i have torrents in there but they won't d/load. i just keep getting messages that say either " no connection could be made because target machine actively refused it " or " connection closed by peer " or " tracker sending invalid data " or "hostname not found " or " failure: unregistered torrent pass " i only use 2 sites to find the torrents either Kickass or IPT

I'm lost, have i broken some rule or done something that's forbidden and therefore is punishable  by death that i don't know about?.  Or has my PC just decided it's had enough, and is now suddenly trying to commit  " suicide by owner " 

I've tried - uninstall install - delete all torrents then getting them again - redoing all the setup things in options - installed different build numbers - turned off and totally reset firewalls - made up and applied some new swear words - knocked over my coffee spilling it's contents onto the keyboard and my leg and i've even tried kicking my dog, But all i've done is made the dog angry enough to bite me for kicking him ( joking about my dog )

Please if there's someone out there that feels empathy, and pity's this old man's pain and suffering "hey the coffee and burnt legs part is true" is there someone out there, i need some kind of hero that is willing to give me some advice or help, and if possible someone that can dumb it down for me i only speak dumbinese. If so i promise i won't mislead you guys again with misleading "but kinda hot ?" titles involving sex and silly long winded stories that i typed with "1 yes count them "1 fingered typing 

Cheers guys

Aussie Joe



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