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Numbers column with problems


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2 Things are happening:


1) The number column doesn't get refresh (need to select a block of torrents and then move them up with the arrow to fix the number order) (number_bug.png)



2) When adding a new torrent, the number of the newdly added one in the column is usually a wrong one (number_bug_added.png)



Except for this annoying thing, it's a great software!!!! Many thanks!



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It's easy to reproduce:


1) Add a bunch of torrent to download at the top of the list

2) Select all that bunch of torrent (they'll start with the number 1 surely). Select ALL you have in there.

3) Start pressing the "Move down queue".


You'll see that the numbers change as a block, and the numbers will start to increase. The first will change into a "2" and keep changing. But since all the torrents are selected, there's no way this sould happen (as I said, it's a bug!!!)

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