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Increase Upload speeds


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Hi guys, I have a 200Mbps symetrical connection, which should allow me to upload over 15MB/s easily. Im not under a wifi. I am sometimes able to download close to 10MBps, which that is Ok as it varies with seeders. But what if I want to make myslef a Supper Seeder?, I have read so many articles and posts about making utorrent faster, mostly focused on download speed, what about upload? Are my current settings ok? Yes the port is forwarded. BTW my PC cpu is a I7 capable of rendering tons of information which is not a problem. 


Are there any settings that I can use to share files to the world as fast as posible? If a peer is dowloading from me slowy, say less than 10kbps, can we block that kind of useless connections? I want people to download from me FAST. How can I disable useless peers from affecting my connection and get reliable upload speeds? At the most I have seen 1.8MBps Upload, it is regularly on 1MBps. 


Thank you for your time.


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