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Private Torrent Metadata Download Magnet Link


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I would like to create a magnet link from a private torrent. In tests, unfortunately I had to realize that although the peer logs, but not me then sends the required metadata.

[Alt-tracker] For a download of a private torrents, the user authentication stored in the torrent.

Would it be possible that a metadata request only the pure metadata is transferred? User authentication should be covered by the magnet link.

The functionality required to allow magnets to work is disabled on private flagged torrents.

Blame private tracker admins.


Private torrent are quite be necessary.

What needs to be changed to allow transmission of metadata (from the seeder to leecher) works for a private torrent when you open a magnet link?

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If I understand it right, then only the information ($TorrentContent['info']) are required for the creation of InfoHash.

I think it is not necessary to store the torrent files on a server and then to distribute them.

The difference to a private torrent has is that DHT, LPD and PEX are off. Or?

I think it would be good, when I start a Private-Torrent-Magnet-Link only the information of $TorrentContent['info'] are transmitted.

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Manual distribution is no longer appropriate.

The distribution of metadata should start automatically. Is a torrent marked as private, then only the contents of $TorrentContent['info'] to be transmitted to the leechers.


But this can only choose the program, uTorrent will in future provide the possibility or do I have to find myself another program?

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