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uTorrent Slow DL+Chrome Browser not browsing


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I'm having problem downloading torrents and browsing at the same time.

Whenever I try to download from the client I get 0.0kb/s~5kb/s download speed which is unusual since I have a network plan of up to 5mb(See attached speedtest screenshot; and No, our ISP is oblivious to the use of such P2P sharing clients and have not laid any restriction in using so). I also have problems browsing in chrome whenever I try to run the utorrent client. My chrome browser won't load any page as a result.


I have searched other forums about such problems but what I did so far was re-install the client and reboot my router. My client also has restricted upload bandwidth.


I have also tried re-configuring all my network settings but nothing solved my problem.

I hope that refreshing my computer won't be the only solution for this kind of problem.


If anyone is having the same problem feel free to post your concerns here too.

And I thank anyone who will post their concerns and advice in here. 


sincerely, AJAX27


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What internet security software do you have installed?

What setup guide did you follow to configure uTorrent?

Did you disable the SPI firewall in your router?

I'm not using any 3rd party internet security software, I'm just relying on Windows Defender.

I can't remember what guide it was but what I only did was disable startup and limit upload speed.

No, I haven't disabled my router's firewall.


EDIT: Btw I'm using a Linksys E1200 router. And only my ipv6 SPI firewall is enabled while my ipv4 SPI firewall is disabled.


EDIT2: NVM, problem solved! Thanks! This thread can now be closed. (y)

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