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(Bug) - Torrents activities halted after hibernation


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I've posted this same issue on another thread -> http://forum.utorrent.com/topic/94274-issues-after-hibernating/

Issue is quite simple: if I hibernate (not sure about standby) the computer, once it's resumed utorrent does not resume activities...

I mean, it says it's seeding, but it's not seeding anything, since the traffic generated is marginal. (see the other thread for pics and details)

Solution would be to close and then re-open utorrent, altough some said maybe stopping and restarting the torrents would also work.


This is not a critical bug, but would be nice if it get fixed.


Thank you.

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A known issue. Bypass is to disable bandwidth->limit utp ...

Yep, but that would introduce a much critical issue: not being able to control how much bandwidth utorrent uses, thus impacting the LAN. =)

Between those two, I'd rather loose a few hours of seeding and not impact my LAN.

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