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How do I TEMPORARILY disable uploading?


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Hello, so my question is, is there ANY way to stop or limit the upload speed only WHILE downloading a torrent? I live in the middle of nowhere and the connection here is incredibly terrible. Not only does uTorrent kill my speed to 0.20 mb/s download speed (speedtest.net) but the fact that im uploading a torrent at 2% faster than down, is really, really frustrating. Please don't get me wrong, I gladly upload, because I know seeds are important (however little I can contribute with my speed) but even a 10 kb/s upload speed cripples download speed. So the question is, is there a way i can disable / limit upload speed WITHOUT affecting the download speed negatively, but ONLY while downloading, I'd set it back to normal after the torrent is down to seed. I am NOT a leech, but I'm downloading a 3.05 gb file for the past 4hr 58 mins, and im only 61.5% in. download speed is currently 73 kb/s and upload is 16 kb/s. 16 kb/s might not sound a lot, but believe me, that little b!tch of a speed kills my download completely. I have tried just setting upload speed to 1kb/s max, but that just completely stops the download.... puts it down below 1 kb/s as if upload speed limit also limits down speed.... Anyway, any help would be appreciated! thanks in advance.

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