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100% Downloaded Torrents Started Downloading?


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Alright i'm new to these forums so bear with me, basically i'm an IPTorrents and TorrentDay member, i only DL torrents from these two sites, i'm on sky fibre optic internet and get 4MBPS actuald DL speed. I seed over 100 torrents but all of a sudden about 15 of those started downloading again when i turned my PC on.


As far as I can tell, it is only partially downloaded torrents, for example '2009 movie pack' contains hundreds of films, of which I chose to download 5, the rest I marked skip, this torrent downloaded fine 100~%, i got the files I wanted and have been seeding them successfully for weeks, all of a sudden this torrent along with many others starts downloading, as if I have asked it to download the entire torrent. I let it download for a while and it isn't downloading any new files, all the files I have already downloaded still work and are marked 100%, i can't figure out what it is actually downloading, if anything?


Appreciate any help, will happily answer all extra questions and give extra info, cheers.


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