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Panda platinum 2006 internet sercurity version 10.02.00 + VS uTorrent?

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My newest panda software always detect utorrent as a possible infected file and quarantine it if it is opening while the auto scan after update is running. This error doesn't happen with version 10.00.00 and before of panda software. Panda labs also checked for the file and say that it isn't infection after all they say :

"After checking in PandaLabs the content of the message you enclose,

this is the result:

The file E:\SETUP\UTORRENT.EXE contains no malware. The warning of the

antivirus is due to the heuristic analysis, that warns you of several

typical patterns of viruses such as being compressed, wrong date or

time, etc... but this does not mean the file is infected, it is only a


It is because of my serrcurity but maybe there is some wrong in uTorrent.

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It was spazzing out because the EXE is compressed using a special version of PECompact2. Panda told you that there's no malware, just that the heuristic analysis is not correct this time. Add µTorrent to the exception list.

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