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Moving and Organizing Files


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Hi All: I am new to uTorrent - and torrent files. I downloaded the torrent files to my download folder - I then open the torrent file and it loads in uTorrent in to my predetermined movie folder. Then when I change the name - because I prefer a certain organizational structure, it stops seeding and says that there is a file error. Here are my questions -


1. Can I change the file structure and continue seeding? If so, how - please help with step-by-step instructions. I've seen other threads that say it in a general nature and i would greatly appreciate anyone describing how their setup and naming structure is handled.

2. Do I have to keep the original .torrent file - or can I delete it once I've downloaded and started seeding the torrent?


For side reference, I am uploading everything onto my Plex server - which is also why I would appreciate a streamlined naming structure.


Thanks SO much for your help! I hope someone can point me in the right direction.


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Since nobody else bothered to reply to you after over 100 views, I will.


I don't believe this functionality works in the Mac version. As of last month I attempted to move files around (as I do in the Windows version of utorrent), and with the Mac version, it simply did not work. I do not believe this is due to me not knowing how to use utorrent. It works fine for me in the Windows version. Also, keep in mind, the Windows version has about twice as many features as the Mac version (sorry guys). So that often comes in handy..


One solution: run a Windows emulator and use the Win version if you want to do anything but the basics. This includes attempting to stay organized in some fashion over any long period of time of downloading files. 


Keep in mind if you are seeding files, you will need to keep the .torrent file if any, in order for utorrent to know it needs to seed the file. Otherwise, you won't need the .torrent file after downloading the target file completely. I like to keep my completed downloaded files in 1 folder, in progress files in another, inprogress torrent files in another folder, and completed torrent files in another folder. This makes things much easier to find if for any reason there is confusion.

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