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Just want to be able to highlight the selected line


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I'm searching all through the list of tags for the colors, all the "skin" discussions etc. but I don't care whether the icons are pretty or not, I just want to be able to see what is selected!  Somewhere along the way something happened that now when I select a line to change it's position in the queue or whatever, there is no indication what line is selected, except the info changes at the bottom of the screen if I have "Detailed Info" tured on.  Especially frustrating when you select multiple lines.


Is this just me, or did this happen in the latest upgrade, and if so, why isn't everybody screaming about it?




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A lot of users are discussing and pointing out that matter (in the 3.4.x beta & stable thread) - up to now no comment or answer from the devs.

I did myself some testing if this color can be assigned with the btskin feature - up to now no result ...

So devs, if you did assign a new color for that, please add it to this post: http://forum.utorrent.com/topic/65613-new-skin-format-now-with-colors/

If not: please add it to the next build!

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Please add me to the list of people who need a resolution to this problem.  Somewhere along the way (recent update) this change occurred.  It is HIGHLY irritating that when a line (torrent file) is selected in the torrents window (for whatever reason,.. i.e. to delete, force start, force recheck, etc.) that the selected line color is SO light a blue (almost white) that it is SOOO difficult to discern the difference between any/all selected files and those that are simply in the queue/list.


This issue is MOST irritating when one is selecting more than one file at a time (as I often do).

PLEASE either fix this, or show me a way to edit the appropriate configuration file so I can change the color of a selected line in the torrents list/queue.

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OK, so I have a solution, which also explains why only some people are complaining about this, while most (including the devs) are ignoring the issue because they don't see it.  I also have other information, that could be the start to making the situation better.


First the simple solution, which none of us will like:  

Get a better monitor.  That's it, either your monitor settings are whack, or you have a shitty old monitor like I have.  I have a multi-monitor setup, and always keep uTorrent in the upper left monitor, in trying all sorts of things, I moved the window into one of my good monitors, and all of a sudden, the selected torrent was there in a very light blue when uTorrent is selected, and pale gray (like every other line, alternating with white) when the window is not selected.  I was not able to adjust my cheaper monitor to see the light blue or the pale gray very well, but I was able to make it that I could barely see the pale blue, but only barely.  So on that monitor, not acceptable.



More info towards a better solution:


Assuming you are using Windows 7, but similar in any other version, right click on the desktop, select "Personalize", then click on the "Windows Classic" Theme.  This changes the highlight when the window is not selected to a darker color, which is visible on my lousy monitor.  However, it does not change the highlight when in an active window.  


If you then click on "Window Color" at the bottom of the "Personalize" window, you get a "Window Color and Appearance" dialog.  If you have one of the aero themes active, you get a different screen, but then if you click on "Advanced Appearance Settings" you get the dialog box I'm talking about.  


Click on the drop down menu and select "3D Objects" and change that color (something horrible like bright green, don't worry, it's reversible!), a lot of things change to the horrible green color, including the unselected window highlight!  Unfortunately, it does not change the color when the window is selected.  I have yet to find that, but maybe I just overlooked it.  BTW, when changing the 3D Objects, you can then go back into all the other choices, and put them all back into something more normal, but you are still left with several things the new color, and the unselected window highlight stays green

Now close that window, and select another (or the same) theme, and you are back to a 'normal' look, green all gone (whew!).



Some more information for investigation:  There are a bunch of color settings in the registry under "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Colors" that seem to be where the settings that we just changed above are stored.  It could be that there is a setting there or somewhere similar that would make the highlight a higher contrast, but I didn't find it.  


There are bitmaps that would need to be modified if this was a Aero theme issue, but it is not, so that's a dead-end.



All in all, it seems to me that all this indicates that the devs used a library to make that window that is older than Win 7 (not unlikely) and probably older than or at least was originally compatible with, Windows versions older than XP, so now the color selection for the highlight is hard-coded in some arcane bit of the code, even though the unselected window color follows windows theme changes.


All of this said: I was doing this between other jobs, and I've run out of time to spend on this, I have to make some money now, so if anyone picks up where I left off and figures something else out, please post it.  Also please post if you play with these values and find more that does not work, or verify that what I said doesn't work, so that others can pick up where we left off and continue with fresh eyes, and less wasted effort.


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   I had this issue and struggled to find a solution for a while - the only way I found to resolve this was to drop the contrast on my screen.


Utorrent was the only software that I was unable to see selected items highlighted and I had tried all the mentioned options - different themes, adjusting "selected item" colours etc.  It appears that utorrent just uses a much lighter colour than anything else on my computer. 


I'm using a Samsung 42" LED LCD through HDMI so quality of the screen was not an issue either. 

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Taynak: your fix does not work. It's only possible to change the color of the highlight for the unfocused list. When the list is focused, the highlight is always pale blue.

Which is exactly what I said several posts ago when I proposed this as a partial fix.  I was hoping someone would actually read what testing I did, and, like I did, document other experiments on what does and does not work, instead of just copying part of what I said and posting it as "the solution", which it isn't.

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I use Windows classic theme in win 7 and use oled TV, so monitor is the best. To reduce eye strain i use black background and white text.

In utorrent 3.4.3 the light blueish color will not change to Windows colors


and its hard to se whats going on.

Back in utorrent 3.3.1 everything was ok, and i had red (marked elements) and black text.


So now i have to use Utorrent 3.3.1 until devs FIX this (in 1 minute)

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