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Sudden drop in DL speed and increase in UL speed


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The one file I was downloading was proceeding normally up to 65% file completion and then a day ago the DL speed fell greatly and the UL speed increased to an enormous degree.


SpeedTest results: DL speed is 4410.3 kBps UL speed is 696.2 kBps


uTorrent Ave DL speed: 25.7 kBps

                      UL speed: 658 kBps


as an example of what appears


uTorrent version 3.4.2


Settings are:


Router has port forwarded for the port being used as well firewall

UPnP: enabled

NAT-PmP: enabled

Max Upload Rate: 586

Max download: 0

Global Rate Limit Options: Apply rate limit to uTP conn enabled

Global max number of connections: 313

Max number of connected peers: 100

Max number of slots: 8


Might anyone have a suggestion as to how to rectify this much less the cause?


Thank you

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