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Get a new Computer ID while keeping your settings


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For the ultra paranoid, I figured out a way to get yourself a new "computer id" while keeping your settings intact. Check the logger window and note your computer id. Open your settings.dat file in a hex editor. Search for your computer id, i.e. 358EA30B1C... You'll have to search for hex numbers not text. You should find 2 locations. Now you can wipe out the whole value with 0's or whatever remembering to replace and not insert.


Also wipe out or change the first couple of digits in front of the IDs. These appear to be some form of checksum and will just recreate your old ID if not altered. You'll probably want to change those to something random, since I believe if you just change them to 0's you may get the same ID as someone else who changes them to 0's. Then I'd imagine P2P won't work as designed since multiple clients would have the same computer id?


After you save the file run uTorrent. It will complain about a bad settings file while renamming those to .bad and creating a new one with your new computer id and keeping all your settings. You can delete the .bad files now. Check the logger again to verify your new ID.


Not really sure if it's necessary or not. I don't really even know how the computer id gets used or if it's displayed or given to other clients. But it gives me peace of mind knowing I can change it every now and then. Anyone know a better method of doing this besides just deleting the settings.dat file?

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