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internet disconnects while downloading


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Hey All, 


So, I'm using utorrent for ages with no major issues. 

However, last week I found out that my internet disconnects when I'm downloading torrents. the internet disconnects (this yellow exclamation mark) after somewhere between 30 to 120 minutes of downloading in full speed.

The internet will come back just after ill reboot my pc. no need to reboot the router. 


I've been reading literally every post, every topic on the internet regarding this issue.. and there are alot.


I've done the following:


global connection: 50

per torrent: 20

max upload speed: 10kbps

max half connections:4

no dht

no upnp

encryption forced

disabled DOS protection in my router

forwarded the port in the router (although port checker says its not reachable - is it critical here?)

use deluge

some other things that i don't even remember


problem still happens. what else can i try here? i miss my torrents.


im downloading from torrentleech (if it matters?)

im using netgear router

using the latest utorrent version

im connected to the router with cable. no wifi. 

windows 7

the router is combined with a modem.

im on 10mb connection


please, your advise. 


thanks alot! i wish ill find a cure here cause im on the edge with this issue ;)



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