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Port problems


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Hi, I'm having trouble setting up uTorrent with my AirPort. The AirPort is set up behind a dsl-model which is running in bridge-mode. The AirPort uses NAT-PMP (UPnP), but in the uTorrent's Network settings, I see a red dot and "No Incoming Connections" for port 44822. uTorrent has a checkmark at "Automatically map port (using NAT-PMP or UPnP").  I'm using Little Snitch which is allowing all connections.


By the way, I'm using NZBVortex to download from the usenet with port 563, which works perfectly fine. And I haven't manually forwarded any port, so NAT-PMP seems to work fine. I tried Transmission (torrent client) as well but had the same problem.


Any ideas what I'm missing here? Thanks a lot!

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