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Increase Upload Speeds


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Ok - I'll provide as much as I know:


My settings in utorrent

version: 1.8.6

Standard settings for "General" section

"Bandwidth" section - 

-->upload (checked) - with "0" = unlimited

-->download (checked) - with "0" = unlimited

--> seeding (checked) - with stop up/down ration at 1.50


"Bittorrent" section 

global limit = 200

per torrent limit = 50

queues set at 8 and 5

outgoing = force


"Network" on 6000 port

checked automatic map


Comcast speed is 1758 kb.s download and 1467 u[pload



Problem - download and uploads speeds don't get over1-2 kb/s


Thanks so much for you help!

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