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A 2-way firewall, which everyone should have, simply blocks both incoming and outgoing connections between (for example) your computer and the internet. The firewall that ships with Windows is best avoided as it is only a 1 way firewall (blocks incoming connections only).


After installing a firewall, you can then create a list of allowed connections either manually by adding programs to a list or by the programs alerts/prompts when connection attempts are being made.

You would allow uTorrent, your internet browser and anti-virus to name a few.

You can/should be able to also block any programs access ("Deny") aswell.


So even if you install a firewall, such as Privatefirewall (free and very good), you still have to allow incoming and outgoing connections with uTorrent - so it'll behave exactly the same as it does now.

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I am currently not using a firewall. I'm very much a newbie and thought all I needed was anti-virus software. Can anyone provide a good link for a tutorial on how to use a firewall with uTorrent?

What O/S are you using? If Windows it has a firewall built in what ou would need after that is MSE to integrate with the firewall and you should be ok. But other that this is going beyond utorrent support and this is something you should be familiar with already. So ask related questions to utorrent but do not try to get support for non related utorrent operations.

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