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Internet stops working after starting torrent


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I got a problem which is that when I start a torrent it starts downloading but after a short while (from 10 seconds to max. 3 minutes) my Internet stops working completely and only a router restart fixes it. Now I can have utorrent open but no torrents running, but this happens anytime I start a torrent.

I read somewhere else that it might be due to too many connections but it also happens with only 30 connections global and 30 per torrent using one torrent. During this time it never reaches full download speed anyways, only around 1/8 (500 - 900 kb/s) of what it could.

My setup is:

utorrent 3.4.2 build 35702

Windows 7

ISP is KanelBW

The PC is directly connected to the router.

Thanks in advance.

edit: I used Glasnost http://broadband.mpi-sws.org/transparency/bttest.php to check whether it's my ISP but everything seems fine.

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Hi There,


I have the same problem, when I start UTorrent my internet goes off. I have Windows 7 Professional and my router is provided by Movistar, my internet provider. As far as I knoe the firewall is disabled.


Could you please help me but please respond in the most basic of terms as I am a complete IT luddite.


Many many thanks.



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