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Checking if Im set right


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My Internet & Settings

Windstream- D 12 Mbps / U .64 Mbps

Modem- SAGEMCOM F@ST 1704N

Firewall Exception is added for uTorrent

Modem is a all in one modem/router, I triggered for UDP/TCP

I have static IP set


uTorrent Settings:

Enabled UPnP port mapping

Enable NAT-PMP port mapping

Disabled Random port start

Enabled Firewall Exception

Max uplaod rate: 64 kB/s

Max global Download rate: 0 (Unlimited)

Global Max COnnections: 226

Max Connected peers / torrent: 136

Number of upload slots per torrent: 6

Enabled Use additional upload slots if upload speed <90%

Max active torrents Up or Down: 2

Max active downloads: 2

Use DHT, Use Local Peer Discovery, Use Peer Exchange


File downloading now: Full health, 27.7kB/s Up, 200-800kB/s Down, 73(880) Seeds, 22(1245) Peers


Been doing a lot of reading on setting up recently only thing I am not sure of is port to forward. Was wanting to know if these settings for what I have are good or what can be tweaked!


Thank you all for your help!


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I changed upload to 50 kB/s


Another thing I have notice, like right now, download is low at like 90-100 kB/s and upload is at ~50kB/s


Port forwarding like I mentioned earlier is what I'm not clear on. I mean I know the knowledge and how to port forward but ever port I try running PortForward Network Utilities on says it is not open. 


Thank you for your quick reply DreadWingKnight



Edit: Did a little more reading and checking:

PF Network Utilities shows the port IS NOT open when I close uTorrent

Using http://www.yougetsignal.com/tools/open-ports/ says the port IS OPEN

So which one is to trust?

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