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Would be nice to view/sort/filter by "Added On" field


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Currently I have more than 200 torrents in my view. I remember I added some new ones during last week. But it is quite difficult to find out - which ones it was?


Ya, I remember some of the keywords by which I could locate and find some of the torrents but not all! 

Thus, it would be very nice to have a new column in a torrents list - "Added On", so the time when this torrent was added to my list to download it.

So, at least I would be able to see what new torrents I added during last N days and which of them I need to write to disk and do something further with it (send or watch or whatever also).


As I see - you already have "Added On" field in the "Info" section for a torrent but browsing all torrents one by one and check more than 200 "Added On" values - that is quite hard to do, easy to miss something.


Could you please add "Added On" column to torrents list?

Of course - with possibility to sort list by "Added On" column.

Optionally, would be also nice to have a flexible search by "Added On" values.


Thank you.


PS. I have uTorrent version 3.3(29677).

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