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Not connectable, upnp active, and test says port is open and setup correctly


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Can anyone help me out:

I do seed but at about 10% the speed I usually get if even that.

I use the latest utorrent version, where I already tested re-installing and reset all settings, didn´t help.

The router is a Fritzbox 6360 cable where I activated upnp and the ports used by utorrent do show up as opened by upnp on the router webinterface.

But still I get the error in the bottom right it does not make sense.....

Please help!?!



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Leave it running.

Cool thx.

I am getting a green circle now Thx for your help.

I wanted to follow the setup guide here in the forum thats linked to in the below post but the link doesn´t work: 


I have used the Conservative Settings Chart now is that enough for a "optimal" setup or are there additional settings in the setup guide that I should follow?


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