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Malwarebytes Anti-Malware keeps trying to block these 2 IP addresses in uTorrent, what is going on?


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I have Malwarebytes Anti-Malware installed with real time protection, Malware & Malicous Website Protection enabled.




Every time uTorrent is open for a little bit of time I get these Web alerts from the two IPs? Malwarebyes wants me to block them. Any idea why these two IPs keep popping up?



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Honestly sounds like malwarebytes is going the overparanoid route and not actually looking at the traffic in any way.

Similar to the TCP port 110 blocking done by firewalls' anti-spam filters, etc.

Not well implemented.


Even this one too?

What is this It's now just this IP but the next time it will be the other one, it's always the same two. What are these IPs anyway?



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It's most likely a peer on a torrent you're running.

Failing that, it's a DHT node.

Either way, malwarebytes is wrong to assume it's malicious.


Ok, so your saying for me just to add uTorrent to the web exclusions list on Malwarebytes & also add these IP's to the "allowed" list as well?


Because this one just popped up again and it shows a different port now?




The previous post showed a screenshot with the port 50000 (inbound), that is the port I gave uTorrent, I port forwarded it in my router. But this port in this last screenshot, I never port forwarded it and it says (outbound)? So the outbound is peer(another user) connected to me, downloading? I'm still confused on what these mean.

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