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1.5.1 beta build 462, crash msg: the memory could not be "written"


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instruction: 0x678950ff

ref. to mem: 0x678cf000

err. return: The memory could not be "written"

i'm on an mobile amd athlon 64, but regular 32-bit win xp home. don't know if it matters.

it happens alot, even tryed the regular 1.5, non-beta, but i got the same crash anyway.



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Yes, sorry, havn't read the FAQ since i got my new computer. Norman Personal Firewall was included, I'll remove it and change to my previous one.

Or rather, I have a Norman everything, I have deactivated the memory search, and it seems to be working fine now, but I might still change back. Because I do not like Norman at all.

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