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I have one complaint, and it *isn't* the Ads (Hint: 1.9.x Labels!)


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First of all, uTorrent is the best i've used ... and I have zero desire to switch to something else, especially not over something as stupid as the developers trying to generate a bit of revenue ...


... but, I made a foolish mistake a little while back and installed the latest beta, which I *figured* was an upgrade, but turns out it was a downgrade from what I had ... which was one of the 1.9.x versions ...


And why do I consider it a downgrade?   Somewhere or another, the code for the Revised Labels that was in 1.9.x got lost:




Like, come on guys ... the code was there, and it was great ... or at least, I don't think there were any obvious bugs ... please please bring it back ...


Its only a few bucks, I know, but the version that brings that back, I upgrade to the AdFree version, same day :)



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