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Disk Overload

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I face this problem on my laptop only. It's relatively new (about 2 months old) and is otherwise flawless.

Firewall = Win XP sp2 built in


No router

AMD Turion 64-bit 2.0 Ghz

256 RAM

Now the problem:

My connection is 100 mbit full duplex and whenever I download a big file, utorrent can't really handle any download speed over ... say.. 1.5 MB/s. It almost always freezes with a 100% disk overload, which in turn, cripples the download speed to somewhere around 50 KB/s. After 30 odd seconds the disk overload reduces and download speed rises again. This whole process continues until the torrent finishes downloading. Needless to say this brings the pc to a grinding halt and makes it immeasurably difficult to access any other features (e.g. browser, start menu).

On the contrary, when this problem is sparse when I seed. Disk overload doesn't start until the upload speed reaches around 3-3.5 MB/s -- which I can live with.

I did a google search before which led me to a topic where some suggested setting different values for diskio_write/read but I couldn't find those on my 1.5.1-462B.

Any help will be appreciated.

Thank you in advance.

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System: Utorrent 1.6, XPSP2, 1MB RAM, Asus P4C800-E, ATA133 HD's, 400k cable connection.

I've tried turning off both write options (under v1.6) and also the cache thrashing option and none of this worked (with the default cache set to 32MB). As soon as my connection (supposedly 400k) gets to 490k ish...then my disk overload kicks in.

This is really only a problem with files that have huge amounts of seeders...such as Slackware Linux.

The only thing that seems to help is increasing my cache to 96MB.

I also have changed the net.max_halfopen option to 4 as I was having difficulty browsing the web whilst downloading (I got this info from this forum and it worked for me). Could this be causing problems here and forcing me to use such a large cache??

Also could using a cache of 96MB be doing any damage to my HD's?


Merged double post(s):

Now this is weird...I just noticed that before the cache was jsut increasing forever until I got an overload with nothing actually being written to the file. Now for some reason it is writing the the file and I can safely use the automatic caching (standard of 32MB). This wasn't happening before and I don't know why?

I am also having problems when large iso's (like linux) finish...but I think this has more to do with Avast Antivirus scanning the file because utorrent becomes "Not Responding" until Avast has done it's business.

I wonder if the two are related?

Any advice on my previous post still welcomed.


EDIT by silverfire: The edit function exists for a reason. Double posting instead of editing is negligent and unnecessary.

Sorry Silverfire....have reedited so I can add more....on some forums you can only reedit the last post for a grace period...I didn't know this was differernt.


Hmmm....strange...the problem has reappeared...so I am now using a cache of 128MB.

This doesn't seem to make sense at all.

Any advice?

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