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Huge memory usage in Windows 8.1 and uTorrent


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Hello. Recently I have noticed that after running uTorrent for some time the memory usage increases without explication to 90%-100% and makes the system unresponsive. The usage does not show up in Task Manager. Basically I leave the PC alone for a few hours and when I come back the memory usage has spiked. At first I thought it was the NDU driver that was causing the issue, but I have disabled it and I am still having that issue (http://damjank.blogspot.ro/2012/11/windows-8-rtm-memory-leak-ndusys_15.html). So using RamMap I have looked on what i using the RAM and to my surprise some of the files from the torrent are in RAM, probably cached for sharing. While I do have a lot of torrents on seeding, the disk cache is defined to 1GB. Why does it use more then that to cache files?

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