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high speed downloading lags overall computer performance


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intel core i3-2370m CPU @2.40 GHz

6.00 gig ram

64-bit windows 8 / x64-bit based processor


whenever im downloading a meg or 1.5 megs per second (which is my limit) my music lags, my video lags, and its just a huge hemmorage of lag in overall computer performance.  i googled for support and found a old topic on this and rafi was helping this dude with the same issue and rafi told him to download a older version of utorrent and also the .dat file from his signature, which i did, and as im writing this i just checked the version of my utorrent client and its the latest which is weird because i could have swore i downloaded a 2.x version.  maybe the .dat i opened through utorrent updated the utorrent client, i dont know.  Well this is my issue, how can you help me to fix it?  thank you.

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