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I'm trying to install uTorrent for Centos 6


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Hi, i'm trying to install utorrent for my Vps server. I have Centos 6 and i'm following this link


and i get this error when i try to start the server with the command



utsctl start



[root@vps92835 tmp]# utsctl start
Starting Utorrent Server..
/usr/bin/utsctl: line 24: /opt/utorrent/lib/ld-linux.so.2: No such file or directory


how i can solve this problem?


Thanks for the answers that i will be receive.

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Try running ldd on the utserver executable to see what you need.  Although, that may be a waste of time since I'm guessing you won't be able to run uTorrent Server on CentOS since from what I recall CentOS tends to run behind other Linux distros in the versions of software they support.

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