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Selected list color too light


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I can barely see when I have something selected on my torrent list with my monitor, no matter how I try and set it up. It's way too light. I have to actually tilt my head down to get a viewing angle to see whether or not it's actually selected, or use my second monitor. Perhaps give us a way to make it darker or use Windows theme? Thanks. :)


edit: using 3.4.2 latest build

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I had the same problem on my machine for months.

It was really a nuisance, sometime I deleted stuff I didn't want.




Now I had time to fidde a bit an apparently it was my AMD switchable graphics causing it.


Select 'Graphics Properties' on the desktop background


Power¦Switchable graphics


Browse for utorrent in 'other applications' and select 'High performance'


Apply and off you go. :-)





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