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Microsoft Update 15-16th January uninstalled utorrent


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Today I shut down my computer for the first time in ages to install a new program ( there were outstanding microsoft updates as of today 15 January), afterwards the utorrent icon on my desktop disappeared and what was left was unresponsive as was the program in all programs etc, I also tried to connect to extratorrent.cc but received a message on chrome saying checking your browsers compatibility for this site? now call me paranoid, but I closed browser disconnected internet uninstalled today's Microsoft updates and went back to a restore point 1 hour before downloading the updates! strangely enough Utorrent was back Icon and all, but Extratorrent was offline, but before I installed today's updates all was well! now putting two and two together and coming up with four, it is clear that Microsoft downloaded (in the guise of an update)  something that either uninstalled or disabled Utorrent. What right have they to interfere with my personal property in this way? if I choose to have a program installed on my personal computer, what right do they have to hijack my computer and disable a program I chose to install?

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