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DHT waiting for announcement


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  • Sony Vaio
  • Windows 7
  • uTorrrent 3.4.2 build 37951
  • CenturyLink ActionTec C1000A

Literally for the past 2 hours my DHT has been waiting for an announcement after working fine yesterday i checked out like 30-40 pages and links and videos trying to fix it...



files from appdata deleted 


And literally as I was just typing this it started working but I don't care I still want answers for next time this happens.


Added Note: There are 24 hr nurses in my house that use tablets while bored is it possible a tablet could screw something up?


Edit: Correction it's not working it's downloading at 0.1 kB/s...


Edit 2: Added photo the upload and download appear and disappear...


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