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ads still there


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So I've read and read some more and found that no matter what I do, the ads are still appearing in my uTorrent...I am using version 3.4.2 Build 37951.  Not sure if this is a flaw or something.  I love uTorrent's simple style which is why I want to stick with it...


Anyone have any other ideas?



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Okay what am I supposed to do with this file?  I put it into the uTorrent folder but when I turned on uTorrent, still the same result.  Sorry for my ignorance


Exit uTorrent.

Locate & replace your original settings.dat (back it up first or move it to another folder) with rafi's.

Rename the downloaded file "settings_342_1M+.dat" to "settings.dat" and put it in the folder where the original one is located.

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