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uTorrent download speed being affected by upload limit


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So basically, when I limit the upload speed from within uTorrent, the download speed falls to around the same speed. When I limit the upload speed using an external program, the download speed falls to the same speed. 


I do a lot of remotely accessing my network from home, so it's essential that I be able to limit the upload so that it's not consuming literally all of my upload bandwidth. However any attempt I make to do so kills my ability to download. I tried using the QoS in OpenWRT, but it was ineffective; uTorrent still consumed all of my bandwidth, and didn't "give" at all when I tried to use said bandwidth for other purposes. I tried QoS by port and by bittorrent protocol, neither helped. 


Just to clarify, I have 100Mbit down 10 Mbit up, I'm trying to limit the upload to around 200KBps (out of ~1280KBps) but whenever I do, it brings my download to below 200KBps. My internet used to be such that 200KBps was approximately my max upload speed, and I was still able to download at ~3MBps despite only uploading at around 200KBps. So this isn't a matter of me not letting uTorrent have enough upload bandwith, it's essentially punishing me for not letting it have ALL of my bandwidth by not letting me download. I'm not the one being greedy; uTorrent is the one being greedy.




And is there anyway to prevent uTorrent from monopolizing my upload with being punished?


note: I haven't tried this with an other bittorrent client yet, it's on my list of things to do. Any suggestions for alternative clients? Preferably one that isn't so greedy.

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