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Says torrent already in list. It isn't.


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My system froze up and I had to reboot now getting the error in the subject line.


I added a torrent by magnet link. All seemed fine. I added a second and my system froze up. Not completely sure it was torrent related but I couldn't do anything so I turned the laptop off and rebooted.


Now, first torrent I added isn't in list. I tried to re-add it but when I do it gives me the "Torrent already in list do you want to load trackers," message. 


What I've tried: I exited uTorrent and went to the "Active" folder and deleted the torrent in that folder. I also deleted the sub-folder that uTorrent had created to store the torrent files. This did not change anything. 


How can I get uTorrent to see the torrent is not actually in the list of torrents?



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