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Display Torrent's Info before opening in utorrent!


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Sometimes I get to download torrents but not open them instantly.. After a while I find a bunch of torrents (may also don't have a proper naming.. just numbers sometimes!) that have been downloaded but can't remember their info! So I thought that this feature may give a little info about the torrent's content that may help in recognizing it again..

It would be a cool feature to add to know torrent's info before you add it to utorrent..

What I thought of is adding a menu item (after right clicking a torrent) that says [show Torrent's info]..

When you click it.. A small or wide window (something similar to mediainfo) will appear showing...


Torrent's name

Torrent's content (All Folders/Files) with FULL files sizes..

Created on: (Date)

Torrent's hash


If you think of anymore helpful stuff to add, please do so.. I think that this will be a helpful one..

Thanks for listening and Thank you for your hard work guys :)

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